Get Ready for WHS

The World Handicap System (WHS) came into effect in Scotland on 2nd November 2020 and replaces the handicapping system maintained by CONGU in order to unify the six different structures currently in operation throughout the world of golf.

Developed by The R&A and USGA in close coordination with existing handicapping authorities, WHS will provide all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability, with handicaps calculated in the same way wherever they are in the world.

With one single, global system in place for the first time, golfers will be able to obtain and maintain a handicap index and use this on any course around the world.

The Scottish Golf App is the golfer’s gateway to golf in Scotland whether they are a member of a Scottish Golf club or a guest.

Members of golf clubs in Scotland with a current Scottish Golf CDH ID number can check their official handicap record and share their handicap certificate.

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